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Becky Boyd

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Becky’s career started out as a graduate from Radford University with a major in Interior Architecture and a minor in Art. From there she spent 25 years in the furniture industry. From Sales to Design Team to a Regional Visual Director. She was responsible for 24 stores in creating $1.5 Million in profits with Accessory Buying in first 2 years. She was actively involved in day to day store renovations, merchandising, procurement, management, as well as new/full construction projects. Throughout the years, she needed to reinvent herself.

That’s when she knew real estate was her new passion. She joined Fortune Builders Mastery Team to learn how to invest. With the love of knowledge, she very quickly decided to get her license. It was now time to learn the sales side of it. What makes her stand out from others is the fact she is an Interior Designer with extensive knowledge of construction, an Investor to help people get out of debt, a Realtor for buyers and sellers, and can even help stage homes for maximum profitability.

Becky is married to her loving husband Keith and has one daughter Lauren. She loves spending time with both of them and doing new and creative things. Watching movies as a family is one of her favorites. Outside of family, it’s all about meeting new people, networking, helping others in need, and all around being genuine.

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